Apply for a VIP Day where I will deep dive into your business systems and help you create a custom plan for your goals.

You bring the vision and I create the plan.

It’s the fastest way to get all your vision, goals and ideas out and organized. You will get the space to create and dream big, while I work to create an action and data-driven plan for your VA and team to implement. 

Walk away from this VIP Sessh knowing that your vision will be documented, SMART Goals for your business created, we will review your metrics and analytics, and you will get an overall Business Systems Assessment. 

Strategy is essential if you want to hit your KPIs. Complete the form and let’s get started.

Here’s What You’ll Get

6-7 hours of uninterrupted face-time with, Andrea Orellana, founder at INCLUDES:

  1. Business Systems Assessment
  2. Metrics Analysis and Insights
  3. Customized Action Plan (final draft delivered within 3 business days of session)
  4. Tool Recommendation
  5. Follow-up Email support for up to 2 weeks for you and your VA
  6. Priority Scheduling / Access to additional coaching or DFY implementations services

But most importantly, you will walk away from the session completely confident and informed about your business strategies, backed with data-driven insights.

And above all, you will finally get Clarity, Purpose, and new excitement about the future of your business.

You will have the tools and knowledge needed to optimize your operations, attract more clients, and make a positive impact on your target audience.

Timeline: 6-7 hours of Facetime (choose in person or Zoom option) (***Note: 6-7 hours can be delivered over 2 consecutive days or in one day)

Investment Starts at: $525

From the very beginning, Andrea made me feel at ease with her warm and approachable demeanor. She took the time to truly understand my business, my goals, and the challenges I was facing. The level of personalized attention she provided was exceptional, making me feel valued and understood throughout the entire process.

During the intensive work session, I was blown away by the depth of analysis and data-driven insights Andrea brought to the table. Her ability to identify key performance indicators and trends in my business metrics was eye-opening. It was like looking at my business with a fresh set of eyes.

The Strategic Roadmap she crafted for me was nothing short of remarkable. It was tailored to my niche and audience, addressing my specific pain points and providing step-by-step strategies for optimization.


Founder, Family Mankind

This Strategy Session Is For You If

  • You are a course creator, coach, or service-based business owner who has a revenue of $4k or more per month for the last 5 months.
  • You have a few systems and processes in place but still, feel like things are disconnected and confused.
  • You have a proven program, service, course, or product that has been selling for the last 5 months
  • You’ve heard from someone (a coach or mastermind) that you need to run Facebook Ads.