Essential Business Resources

The Most User Friendly WordPress Theme Builder

Divi is my go-to for 99% of the custom theme development and design work. Divi has been around since 2015 and it is the most popular WordPress theme in the world and the ultimate WordPress page builder. It gives me the most control over custom CSS.

Website + WordPress Hosting

Dreamhost has been an amazing hosting company, their customer service and help guides are outstanding and very responsive!

Business Management Tools

Are you a busy entrepreneur who needs a place store all your processes, policies, procedures and SOPs?

How about a Kanban way to store your workflow?

Good news! Trello is an amazing list tool to make your life easier when managing your projects and teams. Each board is a list of lists, filled with cards, used by you and your team. Trello has everything you will need to organize projects of any size.

Atomic Habits

This book will change the way you understand the science of habit and behavior modification. Have you ever wondered or tried to change a habit? I know I have… and just by understanding the psychology to modify our habits has dramatically helped. This is a must-read for the self-help personal development geek.


I’m building a course to help DIY / bootstrapped service providers master the ins and outs of Divi.

It will be an in-depth academy-style course giving the DIYer wanting to learn from scratch and all in one place to learn Divi. Get on the waitlist now for early bird and founding student / test pricing!