How to Relax and Finally Take a Vacay From Your Online Business

It’s absolutely possible to relax and take a much-needed break from your business. I recommend you do this often to avoid burnout, recharge, and come back fresh and energized, as well as be able to view your business from a step back. 

When you have an OBM working alongside you in your business, all of this is possible. If you have already mastered delegating and doing only what moves the needle in your business. Meaning you are no longer doing the day-to-day operations or managing your team. But doing tasks that are more strategic, creative, and building networks. These tasks are challenging enough and do require heaps of energy which is why you might even be working in a cycle of energy that ebb and flows throughout the year.

Make note of those ebbs and flows and be sure to plan downtime for you to recharge to avoid burnout.

I know for myself I tend to get a boost of energy with the moon cycles. I even plan my time off around my energy cycles and it helps me rest and recharge. Regardless of when you plan your time off be sure to plan the vacation/holiday style that helps you recharge best. Whether that is lazy days by the pool, toes in the sand by the ocean or lake, or sightseeing in a new city or town, choose a vacation that allows you to create new memories and harness good feelings by keeping it really simple and relaxed.

The best way to step back from your business is by truly trusting your OBM and the team to do whatever they need to keep your business operational. You might be tempted to check in and send emails to your team just to “check-in”.

My recommendation is to bring your journal and ponder and journal about your vision, your mission, and your values again. Ask yourself the biggest question: WHY? Why do you continue your business? Be honest with your answer. Is your ‘Why’ the same? It may have shifted or you may need to go deeper. This little journaling exercise should help you feel re-energized when it comes to the mission and vision of your business.

Finally, don’t forget to have fun! Laugh, play and soak up the carefree days of your vacation. If you are traveling with family or friends, be sure to relax and plan to do some things YOU really want to do otherwise you might feel like you are not on YOUR vacation. 

If you are ready to head out and want to be sure your team, operations, and projects are being managed your OBM should be able to give you a full report when you get back. Don’t have an OBM yet, why not hop on a call with me and find out how hiring one for your business will finally give you the time and energy you need back.