How to Predictably Acquire Customers

Every business starts with acquiring customers. While acquiring customers is important, the process of acquiring customers is not predictable.

How do you know if a customer will buy your product or service? What is the best way to reach out to potential customers? What should you do to ensure that your customer acquisition process is successful? What are the keys to successful marketing and predictable sales?

In this blog post, I’ll answer these questions and more.

Customers are the lifeblood of any business, but many struggles in acquiring new ones. The acquisition is a long, costly and unpredictable process.

The acquisition process can be broken down into three phases:

  1. Awareness: The customer needs to know about your product or service.
  2. Interest: The customer needs to be interested in your product or service. 
  3. Action: The customer needs to take action, such as clicking on an ad or opting into a freebie.

Building and maintaining Awareness is the key to success in just about any business. Without people knowing about your brand, product, or service, it is impossible for them to buy it. Simple, right?

In order to make people aware of your brand, product, or service, you will need to do some marketing.

Marketing takes a solid plan. These days, we are constantly being marketed to. And it seems like we are being bombarded with ads, signs, popups, and notifications. How does a business stand out? Are you really willing to stand out and build awareness? 

If you are consistently getting sales then, congratulations, you have established awareness in your industry and niche.

If your sales are unpredictable then you might need to rethink how to build more awareness for your brand and business. 

There are many ways to market your product or service. One way is to offer a discount for a limited time. Another way is to offer a free trial or consultation. You can also offer a coupon for future purchases. No matter what you decide be sure to test and track which helped you acquire your customers fastest and see what makes the most impact on growth.

The best way to reach your customer

Three of the most popular ways to build awareness are to create a blog, a YouTube channel, or a podcast.  Each is great ways to get your content out there and build your brand awareness. 

The essential part of building awareness is to build up recognition, likability, and trust with your audience.  But how? 

The 3C’s of Marketing

1. Clarity, Crystal Clear

The first step in creating your plan is understanding some important questions. 

Is your branding and messaging confusing or clear? Is it super simple or complicated?

You need to clearly define and explain What you do? Who do you serve and how do you serve them?

You have got to get super crystal clear on this. If you are speaking to the masses you are speaking to no one. A customer will buy your product or service when they are not confused and can simply understand how you will help them. 

It’s okay not to sell to every person on the planet. In fact, knowing this really simplifies your messaging and makes it flow easily because you are speaking to just ONE customer type.

2. Content is King 

Are you creating intentional and captivating content for your audience and your brand? Are you speaking to their desires and their objections? 

You have to think about creating amazing content for your audience. How can people really get to know you and trust you, if you don’t provide them with valuable content they can use to solve their problems or understand something?

You start by delivering the help they need. You find out what keeps them up at night, and what is the problem they are struggling with that ONLY your service or product can help them with. And don’t stop there. You serve them with what they need to become problem and solution aware. This happens when you take them on a customer journey, in the form of inspiring stories, case studies, testimonials, quizzes, templates, educational videos, etc. It requires a lot of digging into what your customer is currently going through and understanding what the pain point is so that you can assure them that once they book a call with you or purchase your product their problem will be helped by your solution. 

3. Consistency.

Consistency is about building momentum. Are you willing to show up every day? Or at least every other day? 

How often do you need to show up?

On social media, on your podcast, on your blog. For me, I post on 1-2 Social media platforms once a day, I also have a blog at least every other week. Simple. When you are starting out you might feel the pressure to be everywhere, It’s not really necessary to do so immediately. 

You can easily schedule out your posts for the month. You need to invest at the very minimum once a day.

Here are the top 7 strategies to ensure that you are acquiring customers successfully are: 

  1. Have a great website
  2. Improve your mobile experience
  3. Use social engagement to listen to your customers’ feedback
  4. Improve the quality of leads by improving your digital marketing
  5. Use CRM software
  6. Add services on top of existing products and services
  7. Elevate the customer experience

We work with entrepreneurs to develop solid businesses, marketing plans, and strategies that build awareness, keep people interested, and inspire them to take action. 

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