When it comes to hiring team members the biggest question that comes up is: “How can I afford the help I need?”

It almost always will feel like a stretch when you are hiring – whether it’s your first VA or an OBM to run your business.

You can look at hiring in one of two ways:

  1. As an expense
  2. As an investment

When you look at hiring as an expense all you can see is how much they are costing you. All you can see is the amount of money that is now going out the door each month, and every time you delegate or bring a new person on board it feels like you are losing money.

This is the wrong way to look at hiring.  Instead, we need to look at hiring as an investment. We want to look at it through the lens of ‘how does this team member bring more money into the business? 

Because every single person on your team should be allowing the business to make more money. 💰 

To be clear, this does NOT mean that every person on your team will be directly bringing clients in the door unless you are hiring them in a sales or marketing role.

What it means is that each person on the team allows YOU to be freed up to do the things that grow the business.

It also means that for every person you look to hire you will want to examine their role with a performance metric and not just a list of tasks and to-dos.

Saying that the copywriter I want to hire will just help me write my sales page or nurture sequence, but instead, look at it through the lens of what their primary deliverable is. Which would be to reach open rates of 26% or higher, click-through rates of 7% or better, or conversion on the sales page of 16% or better, for example.

This way you are ensuring that your investment in that contractor or team member brings you a real return.  

As the CEO of your company, you have a choice. You can either:

  • Spend your time on the backend, day to day stuff that runs the business
  • Spend your time on the stuff that grows the business

When we look at hiring this way, it requires that we ask ourselves: 

“How does this person coming on board allow ME to continue to grow and expand the business?”

If you are hiring your first VA, they will be able to get you out of the weeds and take those day-to-day admin tasks off your plate.

If you are hiring an OBM, they will be able to create plans, drive projects and work with the team to make sure stuff is getting done. 

This is when hiring becomes an investment, as it gives you back your TIME to focus on the things that truly do bring more money into the business

Here’s the bottom line… 

If YOU don’t do your part – focus on activities that will grow the business – then yes, your team members will feel like just an expense because there isn’t any more money coming in the door.

Each and every time you hire someone to free you up to focus on growth, that is an investment in your business and where the magic really happens.

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