When I speak to business owners either about growing or effectively leading their teams I often hear…

“But, no one can do it as well as I can.”

Sometimes it’s an unconscious belief they don’t even realize is there, other times it comes from previous experiences that didn’t turn out as expected.

What I know for sure from years of taking work off my client’s plate is the ‘No one can do it like I can’ mindset is what holds businesses back more than anything else.

When you are operating from that place you are automatically putting a ceiling on your growth.

You won’t be able to grow beyond your own capacity to do all the work.

And if you are already maxed out and tired (and I’m guessing you are) you will stay stuck in a tug-of-war between “I want help to get all this work done” and “no one can do this work the way I do.”

With that tug of war in mind, let me ask you this…

  • How much does having the work done exactly how you would do it really matter?

Sometimes when it comes to client delivery, it matters. But I promise you there is a system/process/SOP/training that can address this concern.

More often than not though, in the big picture of your business, your way vs. a team member’s way has very little impact on the end result.

  • What if someone else could actually do it better?

In my experience, with most things that make sense for a business owner to get off of their plate, a fresh perspective from someone NOT also juggling all the responsibilities of the CEO, actually improves the thing you thought only you could do correctly.

You may need to invest some time in documenting a system, or clearly communicating your desired outcome and the impact of the work, but that is time well spent when it comes to hitting your growth goals. 

Not to mention changing that maxed-out and tired thing we talked about above.

If you’d like to talk through some examples of where and how I’ve seen this work with my clients, I’d love to connect. Let’s chat about what’s possible for the growth of your business.