Say hello to clarity, insights, and making decisions like a Data driven boss.

The Business Compass™ Dashboard Unlocks Clarity and Delivers the Insight You Need Right Now.

If Business Seems Hard Lately…

…Now More Than Ever You’ll Need A Strong Engine & a Reliable Compass To Sustain What You’ve Achieved.

Time-consuming reporting

Traditional ways of reporting involve manual work like copying and pasting data into spreadsheets. This takes a lot of time and can lead to mistakes. With a dashboard, we can automate the process of collecting, organizing, and presenting data. This saves time and makes sure the information is accurate.

Hard to track important numbers

Keeping track of key performance indicators (KPIs) is important for measuring the success of marketing, sales, and operations. Without a dashboard, it can be hard to monitor and analyze KPIs in real-time. A dashboard can display these important numbers in a visual way, so it’s easy to see how things are going and where improvements can be made.


Hard to see data

If you or your team often struggle with data spread across different systems and departments. This makes it difficult to get real-time information about important things like how marketing campaigns are doing, how much sales revenue is being generated, and how efficiently operations are running. A dashboard can bring all this data together in one place, so it’s easier to make decisions based on the information.

Running a small business is a wild ride, and making the right decisions is crucial to your success. But let’s face it: diving into piles of data can be overwhelming. That’s where dashboards come in handy!


Get the Big Picture, Fast:

Say goodbye to data overload and tedious reports. Our dashboards give you an instant, bird’s-eye view of how your business is doing right now. No more digging through spreadsheets or drowning in numbers. It’s like having your business’s pulse at your fingertips, whenever and wherever you need it.


Spot the Opportunities:

With our user-friendly dashboards, you don’t need to be a data scientist to uncover hidden gems. We turn all those confusing numbers into colorful charts and graphs that make sense. You’ll spot trends, patterns, and opportunities you never knew existed, so you can seize them before your competition does.


Made Just for You:

Your business is unique, and your dashboard should be too! We’ll customize it to fit your specific needs and goals. Want to focus on sales? No problem. Interested in customer satisfaction? We got you covered. You tell us what you want to track, and we’ll make it happen.


Stay on Top of Your Game:

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are your secret weapons for success. Our dashboards let you track them in real time, so you’ll know if you’re hitting the mark or need to make some tweaks. It’s like having a business coach cheering you on and keeping you accountable.

The INSIGHTS™ Framework:

Creating Actionable Dashboards for Small Business Success


  • We start with an audit and clearly define the objectives of the data dashboard.
  • We discover what the business wants to achieve and identify the specific metrics that align with those goals.
  • We then identify the key performance indicators (KPIs) that will provide valuable insights into the business’s performance.


  • Identify, navigate and collect the data sources that will provide the necessary information to track the defined KPIs. 


  • We determine the layout and structure of the dashboard based on the identified KPIs and the needs of the small business.
  • We then choose appropriate visualizations, such as charts, graphs, and tables, to effectively represent the data.
  • We ensure that the visualizations are clear, concise, and easy to understand. We use color coding and intuitive design to enhance the user experience.


  • This is when your dashboard comes to life. We use data dashboard design tools or programming languages, depending on your business requirements.
  • We implement the chosen visualizations and connect them to the collected data sources.
  • We make sure that the data connections are robust and reliable, allowing real-time or near-real-time updates to the dashboard.


  • Gather feedback from the business owners or decision-makers, to make improvements on the usability of the dashboard. (Note: We include ONE iteration during the initial buildout and do offer additional dashboard support packages.)

Hone - In

  • Now that your dashboard is built, we thoroughly test it to ensure that it accurately reflects the desired metrics and provides meaningful insights. We also do a validation of the data against the original sources to confirm its accuracy.


  • We thoroughly test the data dashboard to ensure that it accurately reflects the desired metrics and provides meaningful insights. We also validate the data against the original sources to confirm its accuracy.


We’ve been analyzing throughout the prior steps, however, this is when we work to tie together everything that we have captured, your forecast, your current state assessment (audit) with the real-time numbers. We’ll provide you with a report and analysis of the data to empower you to know exactly what decisions to make next.

We build dashboards that help you give clarity on the health of your business so that you can feel empowered in your decision-making.

Ready to unlock the power of data without the headache? Let us build a dashboard for your business that puts you in the driver’s seat again.