Is Your Team on the Accountability Train?

Hey there, are you building a team that’s all about taking ownership, or are you just crossing your fingers and hoping for the best? We all dream of having a crew that’s not just doing their thing, but rocking it – getting stuff done on time and with a high-five-worthy level of quality. Yep, that’s the dreamy land of self-managed teams, and guess what? You can totally make it happen. But hold up, it’s not a magical snap-your-fingers kind of deal. It’s on you, the leader, to make that accountability magic come alive.

Captain Accountability: It’s You, Boss!

Creating an accountable team isn’t a random accident. Nope, it’s the direct result of your awesome leadership skills and the groundwork you lay before the task curtains rise. Accountability isn’t a solo gig; it’s more than just hiring a bunch of skilled folks and hoping for the best. It’s about everything you do before the work even gets going.

Top Tips for Brewing Up Accountability

  1. Big Picture Vibes: Do your team members catch the drift of your company’s big vision? People love being part of something that’s bigger than their morning coffee.
  2. Task Talk: Are your peeps clear on what their individual roles are in the grand scheme of things? When they get how their work fits in, they’ll give it their all.
  3. Crystal Clear Requests: Communication isn’t just dropping a “Hey, do this” bomb. There’s an art to making a solid request that works like a charm.
  4. Great Expectations: Let your team know what success looks like in neon lights. Clarity is your compass to steer them in the right direction.
  5. Superpowers Unleashed: Make sure your team is rocking tasks that match their strengths. You won’t ask a fish to climb a tree, right?
  6. Priority Party: When everyone’s on the same page about what’s due when things click like magic. Avoiding the chaos dance is key.
  7. Progress Party Line: Keep tabs on the progress train. If you’re MIA, don’t be shocked if things stall.
  8. Helping Hand High-five: When someone’s stuck or lagging, be the supportive cheerleader they need. It’s all about teamwork, after all.

From CEO to Team Player Extraordinaire

As your business blossoms, your CEO hat might start feeling a bit snug. Juggling everything solo? Not gonna fly. Say hello to a Certified OBM (Online Business Manager). We’re the ones making sure the right tasks land on the right desks, at the right time, and are tackled by the right people.

Own Your Accountability Adventure

Creating a culture where accountability reigns isn’t a cakewalk, but oh boy, is it worth it. As your team steps up and embraces responsibility like a champ, your business will hit the turbo button on growth and awesomeness. So, gear up, boss – accountability awaits!

At a certain point in every growing business, the CEO can no longer be the main manager responsible for the success of every task, project, and team member. But somebody has to be. Certified OBMs make sure the task train runs smoothly. Right task, right time, right way, right people – they’ve got it down. If this tickles your curiosity, let’s chat. I’ve got some juicy insights to share.

This is the essence of the Certified OBM role ← to make sure the right THINGS, get done at the right TIME, in the right WAY, and by the right PEOPLE.

If you’re interested in learning more about what this could look like in your business, I’d love to connect.