Welcome We Are Open in Spanish

Welcome We Are Open in Spanish

As we celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month, I am reminded of the hard work and work ethic of my Grandmother, a Puerto-Rican American who believed in working hard and contributing to the American dream along with my Mexican-born Grandfather.  Growing up she taught me the value of getting up early and working until sunset not only outside of the home but at home as well, as she cared for her home and family. She always reminded me that nothing good will come easy. She would tell me that we have millions of opportunities if we keep our faith, our patience, our reliance, and our eyes open.

“The Nation’s 3.3 million Hispanic-owned small businesses generate $474 billion in annual sales – and growing.” – Jovita Caranzas, Administrator U.S. SBA, Jovita Carranza serves as the 26th Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

Throughout this Covid-19 pandemic, I have continued to keep my faith and eyes open towards what is good in my community. I have seen countless Hispanic Americans flourish and grow their businesses, side hustles, and careers with multiple opportunities, including my own. I have pivoted in my own business and expanded my packages. I still offer social media strategy & management, web design, and digital marketing packages, however, my business now allows me to support online and digital businesses by partnering as a management consultant (online business manager) and integrator for visionary entrepreneurs. After my years in corporate and government contracting, I decided to familiarize myself with small businesses and entrepreneurs via certified online business manager training.

I believe it is mi meta to provide strategy, systems, and processes, as well as partnering as an integrator with small businesses, and see them flourish in the current environment.

Minority entrepreneurship IS the quiet engine that this great nation runs on and is a powerful tool for building wealth. Resilience is the other tool! Combine the two and you get a powerful driving force to building wealth and leaving a lasting legacy.

When the shutdown came in March 2020, I lost 2 clients and was down to just one. I made the decision to apply for a PPP loan and was able to cover my overhead software costs and pay for the training I needed to pivot my business. I now am marketing my new packages to previous clients and referral partners as well as making new connections via LinkedIn and other business networks.

Today, I am closer to hiring a client support assistant to help me support additional clients. I am hopeful for this final quarter of 2020 and 2021. I would love to connect with other Hispanic entrepreneurs and small businesses and continue to champion them in their business or work.

The primary key to celebrating Resiliency is Never Forget Your WHY. Make sure that you keep your reason for starting right in front of you. Knowing your WHY is going to keep you grounded and stop you from all the shiny objects that come your way.

The second key to staying Resilient is Don’t get comfortable. Don’t get comfortable with dependence on anyone or anything.  This one really builds your resilience. Because ultimately YOU are the one who holds that vision and it’s easy to say someone else can do it, someone else will come along and do it for me. But the truth is when you get too comfortable you are not being challenged. This is not the same as don’t delegate…please delegate… and delegate a lot. What I’m saying is to stay uncomfortable. This will build your inner confidence and help your business and beyond.

The third key to Staying Resilient is to establish your daily habits. You know your vision, you know your goals, you have a strategy, I can help you with the Roadmap and action steps, however, Your daily habits should be sacred. They should keep you stable when everything around you is falling apart or going 1000 mph. Whether that is with prayer, exercises, journaling. Whatever your habits look like they are yours and yours to perform.

In summary, becoming and staying resilient during 2020 is something we might all cherish and look back on someday. What will we be able to tell our children and grandchildren about this pivotal year? What kind of stories and legacy do you want to recall about this year. Yes, it was tough, it was not easy, it was not comfortable. We didn’t fail. We continued to build. We continued to create. We continued to love. We continued to have faith. We continued to celebrate life.

If you would like to chat with me about your vision, strategy, or goals, I would love to hear from you!

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