Andrea Orellana

Andrea Orellana is a Marketing Consultant + Designer + Writer who has spent her career building brand awareness and optimizing the customer experience using a creative mix of content, digital and social media marketing, within a diverse rage of industries including, nonprofit, legal, training, coaching, restaurants, beauty and interior design.

She has over 7 years of experience in playing a critical role in scaling well-known online businesses from startups to multiple seven figures. Andrea has a rich business background working for visionary brands, giving her a unique perspective on operations, marketing, and building efficient, effective teams.

She is based in the Charlotte Metro area.

“I’m feeling the load I’ve been carrying lifted up…the past couple of weeks have been amazing to have that time back.”

Kasey S. – Designer | Course Creator| Podcaster, Pen & Posh

“Thank you for planning our yearly event fundraiser and working effortlessly on the social media and email marketing strategy.” 

Wendy M. – Founder, Rage Against Addiction

Social Media Marketing Society Member