Andrea Orellana

Former Software Analyst Turned Certified OBM, Business Strategist, Project Manager

Hello, I’m Andrea Orellana, a Certified Online Business Manager, and Business Consultant. I love helping passionate heart and faith-centered business owners, impactful entrepreneurs, and visionary nonprofit founders with their virtual team, operations, and projects so that they can spend time serving their clients and growing a profitable 6 and 7 figure business.

I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs scale with my training and experience in systems automation and planning, you will finally be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

You will finally be able to relax knowing your business is running smoothly and efficiently. Get back the time and freedom you want to be able to move the needle in your business.

I am passionate about serving overextended entrepreneurs who are ready to let me take things off their plate.

I support and partner with your business and your vision, giving you time and energy back so you can thrive in your zone of genius.

Vision & Strategy

To support and empower visionary builders who are making an impact for a brighter and strong future. 


Helping businesses grow & scale with systems & strategies, no overwhelm or frustration. To create a culture based on freedom of diverse thought, perseverance, and courage by empowering visionary leaders.

My Why

We live in a world that needs more optimism and efficiency. I want to live out my purpose by serving visionary leaders who are ready to impact our world as together we ascend to unprecedented capability.

I serve as your trusted partner to map out and support you in navigating the complexities of growing your business strategically by helping you streamline, optimize, and implement business systems so you can scale effectively.

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