7 Reasons You Need to Start Using Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the most cost-effective and affordable marketing technique. With the help of email marketing, you can reach more people and establish a personal connection with them. It’s never too late to start email marketing…and if you are not doing this and relying solely on social media marketing I implore you to give it a chance.

Here are seven reasons that every small business, especially those in the home design and decor industries needs to start email marketing:

Reason 1: It’s easy to do. Writing an email that is engaging and fun to read is not always as simple. However, this is your chance to stand out in your audience’s inbox! Depending on your audience demographic, email marketing is the best marketing tool available to small businesses without a large paid advertising budget.

Reason 2: It’s the cheapest form of marketing. Email marketing is the lowest-cost marketing there is. You only pay your email service provider, such as ConstantContact, Klaviyo or Mailerlite to maintain, automate and send your message to your subscribers. Making it more cost-effective and affordable. You may need to hire a content writing team or copywriter to build out your email marketing strategic plan. But once you establish it you can pre-write and schedule them ahead of time. 

Reason 3: It’s perfect for a small business.  Whether you are a home decor brand or interior design business, you need to be building an email list that helps your past and future customer, and partners. Advertising even digital is getting costly and adds up if you are not making a return on ad spend (ROAS) that justifies it. I see hundreds of home business industry clients leave money on the table or spend thousands to advertise on apps with little return. When they could be spending time emailing their list.  Right now as we enter the colder months in North America, if you are a landscaper, you can send out an email to your most recent blog or video with tips on how to prepare your lawn for colder months…at the bottom of that email, you can have a call to action CTA that sends them to a booking calendar to have you do it for them or even better…share this with a friend.  If you are an interior designer, you can send an email with a link to your latest blog that has tips on how to transform a spare bedroom into a guest suite for your holiday visitors. 

Reason 4: It’s where people go shopping. When you nurture your audience and write to them as if you are having a one-on-one conversation with them, they will automatically start to trust, know, and like you and what you are offering them. It takes time to build up this rapport and you have to do this without expecting anything in return. If you’re following my ideas from above you can include a link to where they can shop for the things they need for their lawn or their guest room. (Be sure to let them know if you are using an affiliate code)

Reason 5: It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It really helps when you get organized and plan ahead of time what you want to write about… I recommend a sheet like this one that has the month, week, and topic of your email. I also recommend tracking your open rates and clickthrough rates to see what really resonates with your audience. Many times your email will be letting your readers know that you’ve written a new blog post or uploaded a brand new video for them… and why they need to go watch/read it! 

Reason 6: It’s an opportunity to show personality. Keep it authentic. Your emails should be 110% authentic to who you are, your brand, and your audience. There’s a fine balance between too personal and too formal. You want to show them or teach them something about you, your brand, or a product/service. But don’t make it too stuffy, salesey, or gimmicky. Those are the first emails I tend to unsubscribe from and send to my delete folder.  I do believe that you should always offer them something that they need. But it should always lead to a place of helping them authentically.

Reason 7: It’s a great way to stay in touch.  You can reach more people and establish a personal connection with them. When you get consistent with delivering valuable content to your list, they will actually start missing you and look forward to the next email from you.

Reason 8: You don’t control social media platforms, keep this in mind always. When you are solely using social media to market your business and brand, you should know that all those followers you have are not really yours unless they have subscribed to your list. So give them a reason to be on your list! That’s right you need to GIVE them something valuable that will make them want to give you their REAL email.  It has to be something irresistible, something you would actually charge for.  Freebies or lead magnets are a great way to get your audience to take the first step to becoming a lead. It can be as simple as a free ebook or a free trial of your product. Maybe it’s a free chapter in your new book, or maybe it’s a free design-style quiz. 

So this is where I see so many people get overwhelmed and lost when it comes to email marketing. I get it I was there…I remember how stressed I was trying to figure it out. I wasted time and energy… so if you are just getting started and have ZERO ideas on how to build your list for the upcoming year grab my free guide on how to set up your tech, create your lead magnet and get your first 50 subscribers on your list!