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Online Business Management + Project Management for Creative CEOs

Hey there, I´m Andrea

I ditched my 90-minute commute and heels to support rockstar creative CEOs.  

Hello, I’m Andrea Orellana, a Certified Online Business Manager, Project Manager, and Business Strategy Advisor.

I help the passionate heart and faith-centered small business owners, creative entrepreneurs, and visionary nonprofit founders with their virtual team, operations, and projects so that they can spend time doing what they love and grow a profitable business.

I bring 18+ years of IT project management, systems integration, and operational management experience. I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs scale using my leadership experience and marketing mindset so you can get out of the weeds of your business. 

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Breakthrough Strategy Session

Start here. Not sure what steps or solutions you really need yet? During this strategy session, you will get a confident and clear action plan/roadmap for the team, vision, goals. This gives you an opportunity to see if working with an OBM is the best path forward at this time in your business.

VIP Systems In A Day

This is for the CEO who wants immediate and crystal clear results fast. Think of this as a Disney FastPass for your business strategy or implementation.

A VIP Day can be the catalyst for your business to help you get unstuck immediately. You want results, yesterday.

Ongoing Monthly Support

You are ready to bring an OBM in to manage your projects, team, and anything else that is taking your time from creating, networking, growing, and scaling your business.

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you can and will with more peace, energy and balance