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You’re Successful and You Want More…

You are a rockstar business owner or entrepreneur…but lately, you’ve had to say no to many of your ideas.

Your family is wondering if you can have a meal without looking at your phone.

You are feeling the #burnout because you are still doing all the managing instead of what you truly love to do…nurturing your clients or students.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

You’ve built an amazing business… You’re growing by leaps and bounds.

But now, It’s time to hop off the hamster wheel and start letting a certified online business manager help take things off your plate.

Imagine what it’s like to finally breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your business can run efficiently and effectively. Enter: Certified Online Business Manager. Think of me as the “Mary Poppins” for your biz.

You will finally feel excited AND calm at the same time knowing your “baby” is in good hands. Experienced hands… hands that will help you do more with your time.

Meet Andrea

In 2017 I ditched my 90-minute commute so I could work online supporting rockstar course creators, coaches, and creative CEOs, as their Certified Online Business Manager, Project Manager, and Business Strategist.

I bring with me 18+ years of IT project management, systems integration, and operational management experience. I'm bilingual in English and Spanish. I'm passionate about helping female business owners and nonprofit founders.

I help overwhelmed and stressed small business owners with projects, systems, and automation so they can do more of what they love and continue to grow a profitable business while I manage their team, operations, and projects.

Ways I Help

Strategy Session

Start here. Not sure what steps or solutions you really need yet? During this strategy session, you will get a confident and clear action plan/roadmap for the team, vision, goals. This gives you an opportunity to see if working with an OBM is the best path forward at this time in your business.

Ongoing Support

You are ready to bring in a VA or an OBM or both to manage your projects, team, and anything else that is taking your time from creating, networking, growing, and scaling your business.

Systems VIP Intensive

You could have launched your course by now but you still aren’t sure where to start, you are overwhelmed, so you keep pushing your launch date. Maybe you just need your systems and tech setup. Whatever you need a VIP Intensive is your FastPass (now Lightning) path to get you up and running.¬†

Data Dashboard & Strategic Advisory Consulting

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