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Don’t Allow These 6 Problems To Cause You to Burnout From Your Business

  • You are doing this all managing instead of focusing on content creation or serving your clients
  • Your operational strategy or lack of one keeps everything disorganized.
  • Spending more time working IN your business than ON the business.
  • No clear vision, mission or path for the business and it’s affecting everything including your peace of mind
  • Balls are being dropped and fires are always being put out.
  • Your marketing strategy is adhoc, inconsistent and isn’t being tracked.

These 6 problems are what cause many people to burnout and avoid their business completely.

You need simple systems and  data-driven digital marketing experience to create an effective plan for operating, marketing and managing your business.


Simple and Seamless Integration

Whether it’s managing e-commerce platforms, CRM systems, or project management tools, my expertise in streamlining processes, ensures you get a smooth and simplified workflow and eliminates redundancy.

Growth Mindset and Management

More than just management – I provide mentorship and guidance to help you and your team foster a growth mindset. Whether it’s guidance on digital marketing strategies, scalability tactics, or innovative ways to adapt to market changes, I am committed to your long-term success and continuous improvement.

Data-Driven Strategy

I leverage data analytics to drive informed decision-making. By analyzing key metrics and trends, I help you identify opportunities for growth, pinpoint areas for improvement, and maximize ROI for real tangible results.

I know how frustrating it is to feel stuck in the day to day operations of your business instead of focusing on your zone of genius.

Working With Me is simple

1. Schedule A Call

During your call you and I will talk about where you want to take your business and what is holding you back.


2. Customized Report

I will send you a report that’s specific for you to learn how we can work together to solve your challenges

3. Onboard & Transformation

 This is where the rubber meets the road and when you can start to breathe a sigh of relief. Within the first 90 days you will begin to see and feel a shift in the core areas of your business. You will confidently say good bye to chaos. 


I’m Andrea

Certified OBM | Certified Digital Marketer | Certified Dashboard Designer

At Andrea Orellana & Co. we know that you want to be the owner of a profitable and purposeful business that doesn’t steal time or freedom from you.

In order to do that you need to hire someone who understands systems, data, and management. You call people for help with other things. It’s time to get your time back. Stop spinning your wheels. 

Working with me will be simple. Start with meeting me for a 20-30 minute call with me. I will ask you specific questions then create your custom assessment, then we will create a roadmap to fix the parts that are broken, then optimize for maximum revenue and profitablity. 

Without an OBM Consultant to help you set up and manage your business, you will likey spend more…time. With an OBM consultant you will have your business shaped into a calm and organized foundation and you’ll begin to see and experience the difference in having a managed for you strategic plan.

Schedule your call today, so you can reclaim your time and freedom back. To schedule your call click HERE. 

Systems & Launch Management

“Working with Andrea has allowed me to take my business to the next level, and find help in areas that are not in my zone of genius. Before working with Andrea, we had virtually no systems in place, everything took longer to find. Plus I was in the middle of a launch, a move and the business needed systems dialed in. Andrea helped us set up and create efficient systems to help us save time.  My business is more organized. I feel calm and less overwhelmed during my live launches with Andrea’s careful planning and launch management. Andrea has a digital marketing head and is very knowledgeable in this area. Working with Andrea has allowed me to take my business to the next level, and find help in areas that are not in my zone of genius.”

Kasey Clin, CEO, Podcaster, Course Creator at Pen + Posh

Systems and Tech Project Management

Andrea and her team helped me get my website launched and my CRM systems in place in ​record time, she thought of everything so I didn’t need to worry or stress ​about the details.


– Erika Welsh, Welsh Weddings Founder –


Retainer: Ongoing OBM Support

Need someone to take daily operations, management of team, projects on a monthly retainer basis. Choose a package that fits your business needs, ranging from 40 to 100 hours per month, for the right level of support to keep things running smoothly.

Strategic Planning Intensive

This one-on-one intensive includes a comprehensive operations review and a detailed 90-day plan to propel your business forward. Perfect for the CEO who’s not ready for a full-time OBM but needs high-level support to gain clarity and direction. Get the exact steps you need to make your next move with confidence.

VIP Days: Your Fast-Track to Success

Spend a day with me for a deep dive into your business! We’ll tackle your biggest challenges and map out actionable strategies to achieve your goals. Perfect for CEOs who crave immediate results and want expert guidance to accelerate their progress. Walk away with a clear, customized plan and the confidence to execute it.


Do More of What Is Your Zone of Genius.

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